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2nd Trimester: What Everyone Tells You

The 2nd trimester is MAGICAL! I didn't know if I believed it at first, but, it was 100% the truth. I looking back I wished I had capitalized on the 2nd trimester more. I started to write this post a few weeks into my third trimester and my daughter is now 2 weeks old if that tells you anything.

The Good:

Things went back to normal(ish). It was a few weeks into my second trimester when my headaches started to get fewer and farther between. My energy was up and I no longer required 3-hour naps after work. I felt back to my normal self.

The Bad:

The internet is a fantastic resource but, information overload caused me some serious anxiety. I started to put together my baby registry and if it wasn't for some friends giving me lists and their registry I would have no idea where to start. Reviews and comments made it easy to know what worked for others but, there are always those negative reviews. The negative reviews always threw me off. I also know that what works for one baby won't always work for another and there is no way of knowing until she is here. There are so many what-ifs out there that it can be overwhelming. I am so lucky that I had mom friends that I could reach out to asking tons of questions. I would text the same product or question to multiple moms to get opinions of moms I know and trust. Other mom's opinions and advice was incredibly valuable.

The Ugly:

I obviously knew that my body would change and I would get much bigger being pregnant, but I just wasn't prepared for all the changes to my body. My boobs started growing and growing and growing. I grew about 3 cup sizes over 5 months. Trying to find a comfortable bra that actually fits caused more than one breakdown. Let's face it bra shopping is never really fun but, trying to find ones in a larger cup size was a nightmare. My clothes started to get tighter, dresses started to get shorter and, I gave up trying to wear my pre-pregnancy shorts and pants. This also caused a breakdown or two. Over the second trimester, I had to stop wearing 90% of my regular clothes. I didn't realize how much of my identity was wrapped up in my style and not being able to wear my normal clothes was hard to deal with. I know that sounds dramatic but hormones will do crazy things to your mind.

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