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Baby Beats

Back in 2016, I participated in a Bestie Box Swap put together by a few girls on Instagram. I was matched with a sweet girl named Lauren who lives in North Carolina. We talked over emails to get to know each other. We found out that we share a love of Lilly, Kate Spade, tassels on jewelry, pineapples, and champagne. With a shipping dates set we took all that information and went shopping! Participating in the box swap was a great way to tap into my love of shopping, crafts, sending, and receiving mail.

The first box I received from Lauren.

Lauren and I kept in touch over the years. We even continued to occasionally send each other bestie boxes. We have noticed several similarities in our lives, including the fact that we bought our houses within a few days of each other. It was no real surprise when we found out that we were both pregnant and due within a few days of each other. I waited anxiously to find out if she was having a boy or a girl because I had a craft project in mind and I couldn't wait to make it for her.

A few years ago I created a painting that turned out to look like kinda like a heartbeat. This painting has been hanging in my living room since 2014. I look at this painting almost every day and it inspired me to try to use the same style to paint a baby's heart.

Inspiration painting from 2014.

When we were swapping sonogram pictures from our latest appointment Lauren included a picture of the heartbeat and I knew I had to turn it into a painting for a new bestie box. I decided to go with mostly pink with a hint of purple and gold. I gave the painting a thin gold border to finish it off.

Where does this go?
Finished painting.

Now I just have to go shopping to find more adorable gifts for mom and her soon-to-be baby girl! The great thing about having is a girl is that there is no shortage of cute things to buy. Maybe one day our daughters will be sending each other bestie boxes too.

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