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DIY Valentine Wreath

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

I have to admit that until recently I wasn't a huge fan of Valentine's day but I have always enjoyed Galentine's day! I never really put much into Valentine's day as a romantic holiday but I love all the hearts, pink, and glitter. This year I have felt the post-Christmas blues more than I have in the past. Paige was heartbroken when all the Christmas decorations came down in our house and around our neighborhood. I have made it a mission this year to keep the decorations going! I'm starting with making this Valentine's day pom-pom wreath.

These wreaths are cheap and easy to make. However, they are time-consuming. I have double doors at the front of my house so I had to create 2 wreaths.

Supplies Needed:

Yarn (I used 1.5 of each color for a single wreath)

- Red x3

- White x3

- Pink x3

How To:

Step 1 -

Make pom-poms.... a lot of pom-poms. The pom-pom maker and a pair of sharp scissors make this task so much easier. You can make pom-poms with a cardboard frame if you do not have a pom-pom maker. See how to make pom-poms using cardboard in my Pom-Pom Garland post. I used 1 and 1/2 balls of yarn of each color to make one wreath.

Tip: When tieing off the pom-poms keep the strings long to attach to the wreath frame.

Step 2 -

Tie the pom-poms to the wire wreath frame. I found that alternating between the middle two bars is the best placement.

Step 3 -

Trim the strings and hang on a door!

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