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March 2022 Reading List

I have to admit that I am writing this post VERY late. It is the middle of June and I'm just now catching up with my reading list for March - June books. I will work on keeping up with these lists better. These reviews might be a bit of a higher level than some others.

Liv is having a rough time. She is working as a wedding planner at a wedding with things start going south really fast. To make things worse she finds out her husband has died. Not only has he died but he has left 1/2 of their wedding planning business to his girlfriend.

Savannah's boyfriend has just died and she finds out that not only is he married, but he also left his business to her. She moves to NYC to take her place in the company.

This is a cute rom-com book that is a joy to read. I really enjoyed the older adult relationships that exist in the book. The book follows several different intertwined stories. If you are looking for a feel-good book that is easy to read and leaves you happy at the end this is a good book for you.

I don't really remember what happened in this book at this point. It wasn't an awful book but it wasn't really good either. These books are free on Audible and I needed something mindless to listen to while working that it didn't matter if I stopped listing for a while.

This is the 4th and final book in the Watcher Chronicles. It was nice to finish the series and be done with it. I couldn't not finish a series that I started especially if it is free. If I had to pay for the books then I wouldn't have finished them. They weren't awful but I wouldn't recommend them to others.

Circe is the daughter of a Titan but she is not powerful like her father or alluring like her mother. She is not like her sisters or the other nymphs. The story follows Circe's life which crosses paths with other gods, goddesses, and heroes.

I have always loved Greek Mythology and I really enjoyed this telling of Circe's life. Her path crosses so many other stories in Greek Mythology most notably Prometheus, Scylla, Icarus, Madea, and of course Odysseus. I highly recommend this book if you have any interest in mythology.

Charlie Gordon was born with an extremely low IQ. He has been living his life working at a local bakery. Charlie has been selected to undergo an experimental procedure to increase his intelligence. The experiment worked and Charlie's intellect started to increase slowly at first and then rapidly.

This is an older book that has been made into movies and mini-series. It is a very interesting story that follows Charlie in a touching story. You really feel for Charlie through the whole story. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a heartwarming story that will also make you think deeply.

This month was full of free Audible books. Jo is new to London for a work assignment and her friends talk her into having a one-night stand. Jo gets lucky on her first night out and finds an amazing man to hook up with.... and of course who does she see Monday morning when she starts her new job? None other than Heath aka Mr. One Night Stand.

This is a fun, sweet, and spicy rom-com. I didn't expect the level of spice off of the Audible cover but if you look up the other covers you will get a better idea of the spice level. It was a fun book that was also sweet. I recommend this book especially if you have Audible because it is free.

The Day The Lies Began -

This is a story of a small town and close family ties that are all being put to the test. A man is dead and several people are trying to cover it up but for different reasons.

The book had a slow start but it really picked up in the second 1/2 half. It made you guess and wonder what is next until the end.

Bay of Sighs -

This is book 2 of this book series from Nora Roberts. The team has found one of the stars and is now on the hunt for the second star. The story is now told from the perspective of Annika and Sawyer. The team has traveled to Capri to start the search.

It was fun to pick up the story from new points of view. Reading about things from Annika's perspective was fun. Reading these books makes me want to travel to the Mediterranean.

Island Of Glass -

The third book in the Guardians trilogy. The second star was found and now it is a race to find the third and final star along with the Island of Glass. The team travels to Ireland and the home of Bran. However, it turns out it used to be Doyle's home as well. Since he is 3 centuries old and hasn't been back since he left he does not try to claim it as his own. He still knows the woods and the cliffs along the coast though.

The book is now told from the point of view of Riley and Doyle as they watch the other couples together and finally give in to their feelings for each other. This series is a great combination of light romance, easy adventure, and surface-level fantasy.

My Contrary Mary -

Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow? This fun book follows Mary Queen of Scots through her very dramatic time in the French Court. This book is part of the Lady Janies series. The series takes famous women from history and retells their stories with a fun and semi-magical twist. These books add humor and adventure in to subjects that while very interesting to me as an adult I would have been bored to tear reading about as a teenager. These books are YA books and I have 0 shame in reading YA books. This book is fun, entertaining, made me laugh out loud, and even sent me spiraling down a very long Wikipedia tunnel. I highly recommend picking up this series if you want something fun to read. You do not need to go in order but I would suggest reading My Lady Jane before My Contrary Mary. You don't have to but if you do a few cameos will be delightful to see.

How to Catch A Mermaid -

A fun story of a girl who sees a mermaid one day and decides she wants to catch her so they can be friends. With the help of her friend and his dog, they get to work trying to catch a mermaid. They try to lure her in with crowns and necklaces, they try to use a lasso and a submarine. When they try to use a treasure chest they run into a group of sharks and *Spoiler Alert* the mermaid saves them!

This book has an odd flow to it but once you read it for the 20th time and have it memorized you will find the right cadence to read the book over and over again no problem.

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