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Mummy Wine - Halloween Decorations You Can Drink

Whether you are looking for a fun way to gift wine at a Halloween party or just a fun way to decorate for Halloween around your house this 5-minute project is perfect for you... Mummy Wine!

This project takes less than 5 minutes and is sure to be a hit.


  • A wine bottle or really any sort of bottle

  • Gauze or Masking Tape

  • Glue Dots or foam dimensional

  • Googly Eyes or you can draw a pair of eyes on a piece of paper

Step 1: Get a bottle of wine. Any wine will do, this one just so happened to be BOGO at Publix.

Step 2: Take off any labels. This step is optional, but I feel like it creates a more polished look. I left the back label so I would know what was in the bottle if I give it as a gift.

Step 3: Wrap the bottle with the gauze or tape. I used gauze and had to use tape to keep the gauze in place. I put the tape in the back so it remained hidden.

Step 4: Attach the googly eyes.

Step 5: Add to your Halloween decorations or take to a party and have fun.

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