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A Wee Bit Of Green

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Do you have any colors that you think you should wear more often but just never do? For me that color is green. My wardrobe has always been full of blues and pinks. In the winter I tend to lean heavily in the black, gray, and reds. When March and St.Patrick's day roll around I inevitably think "I should buy more green" but spoiler alert I never do. I was looking for something fun to wear for St. Patrick's Day and found next to nothing in my closet. It was time for a new craft project during a Timeout Tuesday.

I started by making a fun pair of tassel earrings. I used an old pair of ratan earrings and added a few green tassels.

I didn't have enough of the darker green for all of the tassels so, I added a lime green in the middle. I'm very happy with how these turned out. I'm considering replacing the circle at the top with just a plain hook. If I leave it I might weave some green to add an extra pop. That is what I love about making something yourself, you can always change it yourself too.

Once I had my fun earrings it was time to move onto the bracelets. I have been making a ton of vinyl disc bracelets. I think they are a fun accessory that is easy to wear. I have made these bracelets in a ton of colors. The disc bead bracelets are easy to mix and match to create fun stacks to go with any outfit or in this case, any holiday.

This bracelet stack is made up of 3 bracelets. The solid green with the gold accent was first made for Christmas. The white was made for Christmas too and was worn as part of my Valentine's day stack. I created the "Lucky" bracelet special for St. Patrick's day.

These little pops of green are the perfect way to add green to my St. Patrick's day outfit so I don't get pinched!

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