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Bestie Box Swap

The great thing about technology is how easy it is to keep in touch with friends no matter where they happen to live. Between texts and social media, it makes you feel like you can share in the special moments and day to day life of your friends and family. Even if we are on the other side of the country or even the world, technology connects us. Over the past few years, two of my closest friends have moved away and when it happened, we vowed to keep in touch. One of the ways we have managed that is by starting a Bestie Box Swap.

A few times a year we rotate sending each other gift boxes. Each box is a special selection of random things we know the recipient will love. Once everyone's box has arrived, we get on a video chat and spend time catching up and sharing the goodies we just received. The Bestie Box Swap is perfect for me because it combines my love of shopping, mail, and mostly my friends.

Each time I send a box, I make sure to include at least one handmade item. This box included some concrete picture holders that I made. You can check out how on my post here.

I also try to always find fun, locally made items to send in a box. I found this pink quartz necklace at a local pop-up market. The crystal ring dish and the monstera trivet are from AfterBurnt.

I believe that self-care is the best care, so I include a face mask and some sort of bath product in every box I send. This time I included rose petal bath salts. Fun earring from Babble Bar reminded me of Carrie and since I just moved into a new house I thought that a fun fall candle would be the perfect way to round out this box.

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