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Felt Baby Mobile

Happy National Crafting Month! There isn't a crafting day or a crafting week, it takes an entire month to celebrate the art of crafting.

To kick-off National Crafting Month I wanted to show off my latest project, a felt baby elephant mobile.

Someone posted on Instagram about debating on buying a mobile for their baby's crib. It was a very cute puppy mobile with crochet puppies however, it was very expensive. I thought there has to be something just as cute but cheaper. I went looking only to discover how expensive mobiles really are. Like most of my craft projects, it started with me thinking "There is no way I'm paying for that. I can totally make that myself way cheaper".

I made this adorable elephant mobile for my friend's baby shower gift. Her son's room has an elephant theme and I thought this would fit perfectly. I don't have any progress pictures for this project because it didn't even dawn on me to share it until I was finished. However, I will be making another mobile for my daughter's room and basically every baby shower from now on.

If you see something on Etsy or other sites don't give in an buy it right away, do a little research and see if you can make it yourself. I always feel that a handmade gift is more meaningful. If you are making it for yourself being able to say "Thanks I made it" is a better feeling than "Thanks I got it on sale".

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