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No Resolutions Just Goals

A new year means new resolutions! Last year on January 1st, 2020 I had a 1-day old baby and my New Year's Resolution was “Keep Paige Alive!”. I happily announce that I kept my 2020 resolution. This year I’m not making resolutions but New Year Goals. I typically make monthly goals but this year I am making 4 goals that I will work towards all year long.

  1. Run 500 miles.

  2. Read 52 books.

  3. Get my BMI back into a normal range.

  4. Write 36 blog posts.

Run 500 Miles - I have wanted for years to run the Disney Princess ½ marathon. I was making progress towards that goal before I got pregnant. I am hoping that making a goal to run 500 in a year will help me get back on track to running a ½ marathon. To run 500 miles I would need to run a little less than 10 miles a week. I feel like it will take effort and determination to accomplish this goal but I think that is the point of a goal, if it was easy then it wouldn’t need to be a goal.

Read 52 Books - 52 books means that I would need to read one book a week. I am very excited about this goal. Just think of all the books that I get to read! I am including Audible books in this count so I might increase the number after July if I think it is too easy. I will do a monthly book review of what I have read each month.

BMI Back To Normal - It has been just over a year since I gave birth. I was not one of the lucky mamas who lost weight just from breastfeeding. I have given myself a year to not really worry about getting back to normal. I have given myself grace and reminded myself of the AMAZING things my body has done over the past 2 years. However, it is time that I make my health and fitness a priority too. To get back in the normal range I don’t have to lose that much but getting and staying there will be an ongoing goal for 2021.

Write (and post) 36 blog posts - I have struggled with the number of blog posts I am going to commit to writing in 2021. I was first thinking that 12 was a good number, that would mean one post a month which is more than I did last year but didn’t seem too hard. Next, I thought 24 posts would be a good number but if I’m going to do a monthly post on the books I read that would mean 12 posts on other topics. Again, it is more than I accomplished last year but not that many. I landed on 36 posts, this number seemed like a difficult number to accomplish but doable. Hopefully, this will be the first of the 36 posts and 2021 will bring you 35 more posts.

Other goal/resolutions I have are:

Write a sentence a day. A few years ago my best friend Alyse gave me a book that allows me to write a sentence a day for 5 years. It is basically Timehop in a book format. I gave up on it fairly quickly but I am picking it back up for 2021. I gave Alyse the same book for Christmas and we are going to keep each other accountable. I know that it is a very long-term goal but I look forward to reading the book after 5 years to see who my life changes and grows in that time.

Don't buy things for new craft projects! I have purchased supplies for SO many projects that have never made. I'm not buying anything new until I complete the other 245 projects I have supplies for.

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